(to be) up to the mark

Idiom Definition

"to be up to the mark"

to be as good as something or someone needs to be;

to meet a minimum standard or level of quality

Idiom Definition - to be up to the mark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be up to the mark

Bernie is a student in university. He has been called into his professor's office for a talk about his performance this semester.

Professor:    Hello Bernie. How are you?

Bernie:         Just fine, professor, thank you.

Professor:     Good.   Listen, the reason I asked you to see me today is that I have been reviewing your work for this semester. You have not been doing well, Bernie. You have not turned in two assignments and your test scores have been low.    Your work is just not up to the mark.  I am worried that you may fail this course.

Bernie:         Wow!  That's not good, sir.  I will work harder and apply myself and improve my work.

Professor:     Excellent, Bernie.  I am sure that you will be back up to the mark in no time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be up to the mark

James has quit smoking recently.  Since going on the wagon, he likes to keep busy.  Today, James is working in the yard.  He has decided to prune some of the trees that have become very overgrown.  He wants to try out his new tool for cutting tree branches.    James removes the first tree branch.  The branch is cut off reasonably well.  There are only a few ragged edges.  James did not have to use excessive force.  James remarks to himself...

"Not bad!  The performance of my new cutters is up to the mark!"


to be up to the mark - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   103   click for frequency by country

to be up to the mark - Gerund Form:

Being up to the mark can mean that you are feeling well enough.

to be up to the mark - Examples:

1)  We've not been up to the mark in this series and the margin of defeats have been getting bigger and bigger.

2)  With the weight of church history behind us, we can step up to the mark with confidence knowing that our foremothers are cheering us on.

3)  As someone pointed out Hungary and Rumania aren't really up to the mark. The Greeks aren't up to it in all sorts of ways.

4)  They are unlikely to be up to the mark for polite or professional society and unsuited to post-secondary education.

5)  What worked fine at school is no longer up to the mark at Uni.

6)  If the economic performances are not up to the mark then the stock market is most likely to under perform.

7)  And to keep them up to the mark, there should be an independent commissioner.

8)  It told them they were not up to the mark and insisted on improvements.

9)  The talent level is not up to the mark.

10)  If her husband is not up to the mark in protecting and providing they will feel insecure.

11)  Corporation are good about repairs, but keep tenants up to the mark with regard to keeping the place tidy, etc.

12)  The city is very diverse and has several up to the mark restaurants, hotels, resorts etc.

13)  And if bookings are not up to the mark there will be no service, they will just offer refunds or alternative flights.

14)  Whatever is right for your workplace culture, make sure you are up to the mark.

15)  In some enterprises the worker who perform their task extremely up to the mark and help the company in gaining surpluses are also rewarded by the profit sharing.

16)  In some cases they were never going to be up to the mark and really should do something else.

17)  Although Ireland was not fully up to the mark, blame for the defeat can not laid at the feet of the squad.

18)  The C's are those entries which are clearly not up to the mark for one reason or another. 

19)  Berna Cox thinks America needs a bit of work to bring it up to the mark.

20)  I think you need to get up to the mark on contemporary Republican thinking.