upper crust

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Idiom Definition - upper crust

"upper crust"

the highest level of society;

people who are separated from ordinary people as being elite either by economic or social position, or both


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Idiom Definition - upper crust

Did you know?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and the other members of the English royal family, are members of high society. They are upper crust.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - upper crust

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Seriously? You are from a middle-class blue-collar family. Do you really expect that you would be accepted socially at that university?

Friend 2: I suppose you are right. Only people with lots of money and the right social connections go to that university. It's a school for the upper-crust. I would probably never fit in.

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upper crust - Usage:


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upper crust - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for upper crust.

upper crust - Examples:

1)  ... a higher social and economic status, the prole believes he can impress the upper crust by becoming a military hero.

2)  Also, lets not forget the concentration of wealth and power amongst the upper crust, while the overwhelming majority were reduced to poverty and harsh austerity measures.

3)  ... are creating here with exclusionary school funding is the likelihood that many of our upper crust kids will inherit the notion that their stuff doesn't stink.

4)  ... part of the working class, he has been conditioned to want what the upper crust has and to look down on his background.

5)  ... to capture a very minute slice of life in the 2000s, the very upper crust of the liberal elite, whose choices of freedom remained largely untouched. 

6)  ... wealthier and more powerful than others. But until our own time America's upper crust was a mixture of people who had gained prominence in a variety of ways, ...

7)  This history presents New York from the viewpoint of the upper crust and the insulated, the planning was grand and well funded.

8) ... who regard it as an excessively opulent playground for the upper crust.

9)  ... would be seen in a variety of social strata, not just with the upper crust, the design elites or design snobs.

10)  On one hand, you have the stiff upper crust of the ruling monarchy, and on the other hand, you have the playboy ...

11)  Alam draws connections to New York's 19th century upper crust -- the stuffiness, the highly ordered manners and expectations.

12)  Even given Claire's family having money and being upper crust and all - the whole description of them and the black servants was so odd ...

13)  There is no empirical evidence supporting the idea that tax cuts for the upper crust do anything to create jobs: most jobs are created by small businesses.

14)  The English accent was so upper crust I thought it may have been last heard in the bunks of Eton around when ...

15)  Iron gates shield plantation-style homes once owned by the upper crust of southern aristocracy.

16)  She first spotted the prince and his upper-crust pals when she was by the swimming pool.

17)  They also swim in brightly lit boardrooms and patrol the corridors of power. Such upper-crust sharks show beautiful teeth as they prey upon our bank accounts and raid the pension ...

18)  Chris may not be rich or be upper-crust society, but he was most definitely his own man.

19)  ... what their dreams are and they will, in their extremely polished, polite and upper-crust English, tell you that they want to be accountants, doctors, journalists, ...

20)  Some fonts even mimic calligraphic lettering styles. So if you are upper-crust, your invitations are engraved and printed on only the finest paper stock.