ups and downs

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - ups and downs

"ups and downs"

a succession of both good and bad experiences


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - ups and downs

"ups and downs"

rises and falls, especially in the value or success of something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ups and downs

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I haven't seem you in a while. How have you been doing?

Friend 2:  OK, I suppose, in general. My dog died a couple of months ago. I got a promotion at work. My car finally quit running two months ago and I had to buy a new one. I met a wonderful woman last month and we have fallen in love. Oh, and last week I received notice that the apartment block where I live is going to be converted into commercial space so I have to find a new place to live.

Friend 1:  Ah, yes, life is full of ups and downs, isn't it?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ups and downs

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Trying to source raw materials at a steady price is driving me crazy. It is like riding a roller coaster.

Colleague 2:  Why? What's going on?

Colleague 1:  One week, the value of a commodity is up ten percent and then the next week it falls fifteen percent and then the next week it is back where it was three weeks previously.

Colleague 2:  Markets do rise and fall. Those are the natural ups and downs.

ups and downs - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   6,830   click for frequency by country

ups and downs - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for ups and downs.

ups and downs - Examples:

1)  ... you're winning more than you're losing, you have some ups and downs but you're able to keep the downs a little shorter than in the past.

2)  Our work is full of ups and downs and it's an emotional roller coaster that many can't handle.

3)  Life, after all, is a series of ups and downs, peaks and troughs. We know this... in retrospect at least.

4)  Being able to talk through what's happening to us, the daily ups and downs, with someone we trust can make life so much easier.

5)  I try to enjoy just being alive and to roll with the ups and downs. Fingers crossed it will all work out in the end.

6)  The story depicts the journey of spirited sportsmen and women, their ups and downs and sacrifices in their pursuit of the ultimate gold.

7)  ... can not expect things to run smoothly all the time. There are ups and downs. What matters most is how you manage yourself and get back on your feet.

8)  ... relationships that fit a dramatic pattern -- meaning there are lots of ups and downs -- are most likely to result in a breakup.

9)  Despite ups and downs and twists and turns, the good guy had to triumph in the end.

10)  Yoga makes you feel good and helps you to face life's ups and downs with a calm mind and healthy body.

11)  ... his clients trust him and continue to work with him through all the ups and downs of the markets.... through all the gains and losses in their portfolio's.

12)  The hospitality sector has been through its ups and downs and with demand the way it is at the moment, ...

13)  I have learned a lot about the ups and downs of tennis, that that is how life goes sometimes.

14)  They were the exact same age, and helped each other through the ups and downs of life and health issues as they got older.

15)  The company went through some major ups and downs, but survived it all to become the largest sales retailer on the world wide ...

16)  There is no direct correlation between interest rate hikes and the ups and downs in the emerging market. 

17)  ... illness and then shared the ups and downs of treatment and recovery.

18)  But they also know the NBA season is full of ups and downs, of good stretches and bad ones, of big wins and disappointing losses.

19)  There may be minor ups and downs in the national pass rate year on year but the general trend is slowly upwards.

20)  ... going on for half a century and it has had many, many ups and downs. People are panicking over nothing quite frankly.