to vent your spleen

Idiom Definition

"to vent your spleen"

to express your angry feelings

Idiom Definition - to vent your spleen


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to vent your spleen

I am so angry. Traffic this morning was so crazy. Two other drivers cut in front of me and almost caused accidents. Two other drivers yelled at me and made rude gestures with their hands. I need to find some way to release this anger I have inside. Perhaps if I talk to a sympathetic friend, my friend will allow me to...

vent my spleen.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to vent your spleen

The Misconception: Expressing and releasing your anger is an effective way to reduce stress and prevent lashing out at friends and family.

The Truth: Expressing and releasing anger increases aggressive behavior over time.

What is your opinion about venting your spleen?

to vent your spleen - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   185   click for frequency by country

to vent your spleen - Gerund Form:

Venting your spleen can be a great way to express and thereby eliminate angry feelings.

to vent your spleen - Examples:

1)  They can vent their spleen, express their love, laugh and cry and then vote.

2) People tend to vent their spleen or get their aggression out. 

3)  Trolls vent their spleen confident in their anonymity and take great pleasure in their faceless spite.

4)  And the parents being allowed to vent their spleen, in the aftermath of the trial was unforgivable.

5)  I never understood why opposition fans vent their spleen on our websites.

6)  Now, people just shrug their shoulders and vent their spleen on Twitter.

7)  He however said people have a right to vent their spleen when they are unhappy with certain issues that are ongoing in the country.

8)  If you're just using the site to vent your spleen on, of course, disregard and enjoy yourself - I know I do.

9)  Don't forget to vent your spleen on this issue on Twitter.

10) If anyone out there has any comments about the system please feel free to vent your spleen via the comments box. 

11)  It is a shame that you see this as an opportunity to vent your spleen about " climate " when the problem is evidently of a different nature.

12)  There you can argue with yourself (?), or vent your spleen to your heart's content without ever abusing somebody or something else.

13)  Never vent your spleen on your beloved, if you are in impaired mood.

14)  Well done. What a way to vent your spleen on democracy!

15)  I think it seems like fun for some of you to vent your spleen and act pedantic but that's OK.

16)  It may feel good to vent your spleen, but it also discourages participation by citizens because it degrades democratic government itself.

17)  But is this thread really the place to vent your spleen on this subject? Perhaps you should start your own blog.

18)  If this guy is so wound up by Bob that he needs to vent his spleen in this way, well <shrugs> whatever floats his boat, I guess.

19)  It's only here that he gets to vent his spleen.

20)  The person running the session may have wanted to vent her spleen but she probably didn't want to risk a complaint against her.