to walk all over

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"to walk all over"

to treat contemptuously, be overbearing and inconsiderate to, to take advantage of


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Idiom Definition - walk all over

"to walk all over"

to defeat a person or team badly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - walk all over

A scene in a busy office ...

Boss:  Hey useless assistant. Have you finished my report for me yet?

Assistant:  Just working on it now.

Boss:  Anyone with half a brain would have finished an hour ago. And when you are finished, I need you to go and pick up my dry cleaning.

Assistant:  Yes sir.

Boss:  And my car needs washing. Take it over your lunch break and get it washed.

Assistant:  OK. Anything else?

Coworker:  Why do you let the boss walk all over you like that?

Assistant:  Because I really need to keep my job and worry that another job would be really hard to find in this depressed economy.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - walk all over

Two teammates are talking after a game ...

Teammate 1:  Well, that sure was a terrible game. I can't believe that we lost so badly.

Teammate 2:  It is like we were a bunch of amateurs. And we couldn't seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Teammate 1:  I think it is embarrassing to have been walked all over like that. Losing forty-five points to zero is humiliating.

to walk all over - Usage:


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to walk all over - Gerund Form:

Walking all over your your coworkers will cause feelings of resentment.

Walking all over the opposing team, they won the game easily.

to walk all over - Examples:

1)  ... feeling unhappy in your broken relationship it may be because you're letting your partner walk all over you and your desires. Tell them how you feel and stand your ...

2)  Someone who is willing to walk all over everyone else to get what she wants, the perfect contestant.

3)  ... allowing Team USA to walk all over them and run them into the ground.

4)  So instead, we allow snooty shop assistants and the like to walk all over us when we have the temerity to raise the tiniest of objections concerning ...

5)  ... showed on the day that if you player them based on their reputation they'll walk all over ...

6)  What is also clear is that this President will walk all over any person or entity that will simply lie down for the honor.

7)  ... but you might end up being a doormat for people to walk all over you.

8)  You will set new boundaries: How often have you felt that people tend to walk all over you?

9)  ... know that if you lie down and you're passive, that central government will walk all over you. I don't intend to be a passive mayor and let ...

10)  ... earn the right to win that game and in the end they let us walk all over them. 

11)  ... show me a woman who respects a guy that gets walked all over?

12)  Bullying crushed my confidence. It crushed it, walked all over it and scattered the remains as best it could.

13)  He walked all over me, chewed me up and spat me out.

14)  ... back then, if you didn't stand up for yourself, you'd be walked all over.

15)  Think of that friend who was there for you when your first crush walked all over you.

16)  ... are perfect for people who feel politicians are walking all over them and want to get even.

17)  I don't want to take any more nonsense. I'm tired of people walking all over me.

18)  Surge pricing is one of the reasons Uber is walking all over the taxi market.

19)  Because we're just ordinary people paying our way and he's walking all over us like we're nothing.

20)  ... but it boosts your resilience because you know you have taken charge - stopped someone walking all over you.