to walk it off

Idiom Definition

"to walk it off"

to allow time to pass in order to dissipate pent up anger, pain, anxiety or some other trouble;

to, literally, force yourself to walk in order to alleviate the pain of an injury;

to, literally, exercise in the form of walking in order to lose weight

Idiom Definition - to walk it off


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to walk it off

Edgar, who appears very upset is talking to his friend Tom ...

Tom: What's the matter buddy?

Edgar: My girlfriend just dumped me. After everything I have done for her! I was so devoted and supportive and then she tells me she's met someone else and that we're finished. I'm just so upset.

Tom: I understand but you need to calm down. You need to walk it off so that you can think clearly.

Edgar starts to pace back and forth and slowly starts to feel a little less upset.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to walk it off

One Girl Scout has fallen and skinned her knee ...

Lynn: It hurts so much.

Nancy: Well, that was a nice fall. But look. I've put a nice bandage on your knee.

Lynn: It stings so much.

Nancy: Get up and walk it off. You'll be distracted and it'll feel better.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - to walk it off

Big Bill has been gaining more and more weight in the last couple of years.

Doctor: With the combination of your weight and age, you're a prime candidate for a heart attack, Bill.

Bill: I know doctor but I really don't like to exercise.

Doctor: There may be a very simple solution. You could "walk the extra weight off".

Bill: I'll try.

to walk it off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   72   click for frequency by country

to walk it off - Gerund Form:

Walking off an insult allows you some time to regain your composure before making a reply you may regret later.

to walk it off - Examples:

1)  It takes about two minutes to eat a doughnut and about two hours to walk it off.

2)  It was tough to not cry... grazed your knee on concrete? Walk it off and you're hailed as a champion!

3)  I knew we would walk it off as we went up and down the cobbled streets.

4)  Fair food is what it is: Indulgence. So indulge and walk it off!

5)  I hit the dirt hard. Tried to laugh it off, walk it off, and when W came out to see if I was okay.

6)  Once you've had your fill, walk it off through Golders Green Park.

7)  Scottish researchers found that men experiencing chest pain would ignore it or attempt to walk it off, rather than approach their doctor.

8)  So here are my tips for dealing with it:  Walk it off Timothy Go for a walk, or better yet a run.

9)  If you're in a bad mood or pissed off at somebody or something, walk it off or treat yourself to a nice greasy donut or something.

10)  If you are angry walk it off.

11)  After dinner and chatting, it was time to walk it off!

12)  After 2 minutes I get back up and I manage to walk it off with a small limp.

13)  It's like expecting someone with a badly broken leg to walk it off. If he could walk, the leg wouldn't be broken!

14)  I was so distressed yesterday. I tried to walk it off in a really special park at the south end of town.

15)  A wound that isn't immediately fatal... you'll just walk it off.

16)  You're tough New York. Walk it off!

17)  I don't want to look like a newbie, so I just kind of walk it off with my eyes closed hoping I don't run into anyone or anything.

18)  It will not take very long for you to recognize a change. Walk It Off: Walking is usually the first tip people expect to see for weight loss.

19) The city is hard sometimes, and you have to walk it off

20)  I had to pull up for a few minutes to try and stretch it out / walk it off.