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Idiom Definition - wallflower


someone at a social event who has no one to dance with or talk to, often because they are shy


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - wallflower

Two mothers are talking ...

Mother 1:  I'm really worried about Suzy. She goes off to college in the fall.

Mother 2:  Why are you worried?

Mother 1:  Suzy is so shy.  She rarely goes out and when she does she is very reluctant to speak to anyone.  She just finds a quiet corner and stares off into space. I'm worried that she won't be happy.

Mother 2:  Maybe your wallflower will bloom in college.  Maybe she will learn to be less introverted.  College is, after all, a time for change.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - wallflower

Two friends are talking at a party ...

Friend 1:  Who's the wallflower over there?

Friend 2:  How do I know?

Friend 1:  I've been watching her all night. She just stands there shyly and when someone comes near she looks at the floor. I don't think she has talked to anyone all night.

Friend 2:  That's kind of sad.

wallflower - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   766   click for frequency by country

wallflower - Gerund Form:

Being a wallflower makes it difficult to make friends.

wallflower - Examples:

1)  Don't hog minutes, but don't be a wallflower. This works on panels, group interviews, and even barstool conversations.

2)  Reenie, however, has low self-esteem and regards herself as a wallflower.

3)  ... there are multiple conversations going on, I just get seriously uncomfortable and turn into wallflower and start looking for the exits.

4)  ... don't be a wallflower. Don't hang all alone along the wall and stare to the distance ...

5)  ... but she's a bit of a wallflower while her best friend from forever ago is a bit more open to possibility.

6)  Charlie is a wallflower who observes people and feels very deeply for the experiences occurring around him.

7)  ... but unless you want to blend in with every other wallflower at the party, spend a little extra time to pick out an outfit that ...

8)  ... romance type book about a girl named Lauren (nickname Laurie) who is a wallflower, studious nerd type.

9)  ... not what they are looking for, you are treated as a rank and file wallflower employee and shunned.

10)  You don't want other men to see you as the wallflower who is unwilling or unable to introduce himself as it will reflect poorly on you ...

11)  Smith flits between playing the social wallflower -- the clique-less junior-high girl who nobody asks to dance -- and adopting a cool ...

12)  He is truly a "wallflower" -- lunching alone; speaking to no one; too afraid to even raise ...

13)  No one lets you be a wallflower, everyone wants you to speak to their sales team, their board of directors ...

14)  I'm in no way a wallflower so I tried to dance and have fun but I couldn't because the music ...

15)  ... enjoy being the center of attention while someone else could live quite comfortably as a wallflower?

16)  I am terribly, terribly wallflower shy in crowds, I am likely to be skulking around the edges of the ...

17)  And, as I stared like a wallflower, they did quite a daring dance.

18)  And not the good kind of wallflower where people think you are very introspective and interesting!

19)  ... we have the ability to bypass the shining-star and take notice of a wallflower.

20)  He's a wallflower, on the sidelines, observing but never participating.