(to be) washed up

Idiom Definition

"to be washed up"

to have once been famous, successful or very good at something and now to be a failure, forgotten or finished

Idiom Definition - to be washed up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be washed up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How is it that the director of our department is still the director?

Colleague 2: What do you mean?

Colleague 1: He hasn't had a successful account in five years.

Colleague 2: I suppose that's this company's philosophy. Our director was hugely successful for many years and now that he's washed up, the company keeps him around to represent past glory.

Colleague 1: I see.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be washed up

Two friend are talking ...

Friend 1: Can you believe that Joe Sandini?

Friend 2: He really is something. He's played for twenty-five years in the major leagues.

Friend 1: It's really quite hard to believe. Most players are washed up and finished after ten or fifteen years.

Friend 2: Go Joe!

to be washed up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   440   click for frequency by country

to be washed up - Gerund Form:

Being washed up doesn't mean that a comeback isn't possible.

to be washed up - Examples:

1)  I always wondered why people say that Kobe is old and washed up but can out do 95% of the league.

2)  Before he was won the award, it looked like Hayek was washed up

3)  All McCain and Failin have to offer is to talk about an old washed up hippie radical.

4)  Realizing that he could be washed up and homeless by November 2012, Elmo starts spiraling out of control.

5)  Yes he is kidding himself. He is washed up, the party is over, everyone has gone home.

6)  The GOP was already washed up and lots of people weren't going to show up for the convention.

7)  You often read or hear -- especially in Boston -- that Clemens was washed up when he left the Red Sox after the 1996 season and suddenly re-emerged.

8)  He may have been fat and out of shape, but he was definitely not washed up.

9)  Yesterday's game gave Charger fans a little more reason to hope that their season is not entirely washed up.

10)  Fifteen years later, he's creatively washed up, divorced and broke.

11)  Cobra Commander also had a cameo in Only Human as an old washed up former terrorist.

12)  The Name of the World by Denis Johnson is essentially about a washed up college professor.

13)  No one cares about what she thinks. She is a washed up, failed quitter who would never get elected again.

14)  There will be no mention of man crushes on washed up former Star Trek actors when I'm in charge.

15)   I failed across the board.  I am washed up.

16)  He's just trying to save the world.... one crickety, 38 year old, washed up former NFL star at a time.

17)  Bob Villa endorses them because he is old and washed up and needed extra cash.

18)  During the long election campaign they gathered dollars, corporate CEOs and washed up politicians for a full-fledged push in the final months of the year.

19)  You'll probably be worse at it than most, and you'll end up washed up, broke, old, and tired with nothing to show for your skills.

20)  Ben Affleck is pretentious, washed up and over-rated.