to wear out your welcome

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - wear out your welcome

"to wear out your welcome"

to visit so often or stay so long as to become a nuisance


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - wear out your welcome

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I know we are supposed to be accommodating with the people from the new department as they learn the business but it is getting a little irritating having them come and ask questions every five minutes.

Colleague 2:  You would think that after a month, they would be self-sustaining.

Colleague 1:  Regardless, they have definitely worn out their welcome. I would really like things to get back to normal around here.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - wear out your welcome

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How are the repairs going on your apartment? You have been out for, what, three weeks now?

Friend 2:  It seems to be slow going. I guess the water damage is more extensive than originally thought.

Friend 1:  Where are you staying?

Friend 2:  With friends.

Friend 1:  Aren't you worried about wearing out your welcome?

Friend 2:  Actually I am. My friends are super kind and understanding but having a house guest for so long is a little much. Why? Do you have a couch I could sleep on?

to wear out your welcome - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   171   click for frequency by country

to wear out your welcome - Gerund Form:

Wearing out your welcome by staying longer than is socially acceptable will ensure that you are no invited again.

to wear out your welcome - Examples:

1)  Players can passive-aggressively wear out their welcome and force the team to cut them without ever doing anything that can be deemed ...

2)  That is more than enough. You've worn out your welcome. You're not my kind of girl. You have to leave.

3)  ... don't care how long you've been here. You've worn out your welcome if you're here on a visa.

4)  ... his immaturity and desire for a bigger offensive role caused him to wear out his welcome.

5)  ... and, though exasperating, he does not wear out his welcome.

6)  ... a franchise that releases a new game every few months would quickly wear out its welcome.

7)  Since he has worn out his welcome provincially, he is now looking at the federal side of politics.

8)  ... and were granted permanent-resident status. By 19, he had already worn out his welcome with a string of crimes, including a violent armed robbery.

9)  ... sporadic appearances on every corner of the globe, always leaving before wearing out his welcome, ...

10)  A teenager, wearing out his welcome sleeping on the couch at his friend's parents' place, and wondering where ...

11)  ... is one of the funniest shows ever but it's wearing out his welcome

12)  They can make themselves noticed quickly, but their behavior leads them to wear out their welcome quickly. 

13)  ... but the six-second format was perfect—long enough to capture something interesting, short enough to not wear out its welcome.

14)  ... is going to wear out his welcome in a very short period of time.

15)  For now, they're staying in the basement of a friend's home. Brock points out how friends are nice but you can wear out your welcome.

16)  She's worried about how she's perceived — she doesn't want to wear out her welcome.

17)  She's worried about how she's perceived — she doesn't want to wear out her welcome.

18)  Here's the thing, Pokémon Go was always bound to wear out its welcome. It went from cool new game to public nuisance far too quickly for the ...

19)  But that's only temporary, he said, and you have to move on before you wear out your welcome.

20)  He's been here for a while, and after a while, they wear out their welcome.