week in week out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - week in week out

"week in week out / week in, week out / week in and week out"

for a long time without stopping or changing;

every week, week after week


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - week in week out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I think it is about time for a change. I have been doing the same tasks at work for the last five years and it is getting extremely boring.

Colleague 2: I can't imagine never varying your duties week in week out for that long. And you never do anything else?

Colleague 1: No. Same work routine every single day.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - week in week out

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Seriously? You get up at five in the morning every day to drive your children to soccer practice?

Friend 2: I have been doing that every day week in and week out for the last three years. My kids are extremely dedicated to soccer.

Friend 1: You must go to bed really early at night.

Friend 2: Not really but after all this time, I have become accustomed to life with little sleep. I just make the best of it.

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week in week out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,493   click for frequency by country

week in week out - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for week in week out.

week in week out - Examples:

1)  Chelsea do have a smaller stadium, they wouldn't fill a 70,000 seater week in week out.

2)  ... can retain their Green Flag status. They are far from lazy and work hard week in week out.

3)  Though when you see the same jobs advertised week in week out on totallylegal.com, jobrapido and other recruitment sites it makes you wonder ...

4)  The test will be whether they can produce that passion week in week out, and not just against the so called big boys.

5)  ... get depressed at the number of autoblog sites that are listed by the same people week in week out.

6)  During the green winter it rains week in week out

7)  How many people out there can say they really truly enjoy their job every day, week in week out?

8)  Friday it was fish for dinner followed by bath night. This cycle was repeated week in week out

9)  ... we spend time doing this sort of thing? Why would a person commit time week in, week out, to the process of blogging, patiently writing short pieces ...

10)  You have to be able to replicate what you've been doing week in, week out.

11)  We just need to make sure we do our job week in, week out and to make sure we give a good account of ourselves.

12)  Some of the boys have been playing week in, week out and they have definitely earned the rest.

13)  ... enthusiasm and raise the profile of the armies of volunteers who already do similar work week in, week out across the country.

14)  ... effects have been far worse; it's a story I heard again and again week in, week out answering the phones on a crisis helpline.

15)  ... to just keep working every week to do what we're supposed to do, week in and week out, and don't let things get away from us.

16)  It's a challenge. It's a mental challenge, to do this week in and week out.

17)  It creates greater challenges -- week in and week out -- to be at your best.

18)  As long as I'm in there week in and week out, I'm going to get better.

19)  ... that we made one financial mistake; the problem is we kept making the mistake week in and week out without giving it a second thought until one day looking at ...

20)  ... like most families, we cycled through a lineup of the same 8-10 dishes week in and week out, and I was completely content with not mixing it up.