wet behind the ears

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"wet behind the ears"


Idiom Definition - wet behind the ears


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - wet behind the ears

Two warehouse supervisors are talking ...

Supervisor 1:   How long has your new forklift operator been on the job?  A couple of days, isn't it?  How is she doing?

Supervisor 2:  Not bad for a rookie, although she does forget to lower the forks when she isn't carrying a load.

Supervisor 1:  Well, she is still wet behind the ears. Give her a little more time and she will figure it out.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - wet behind the ears

Two office workers are talking about a fellow worker who has only been on the job a couple of days ...

Worker 1:  Can you believe that the photocopier has no toner?

Worker 2:  How are we going to make copies?

Worker 1:  I know!   The new office assistant forget to order the toner.

Worker 2:  Well, what do you expect from someone still wet behind the ears?

wet behind the ears - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   140   click for frequency by country

wet behind the ears - Gerund Form:

Being wet behind the ears means that you have a lot to learn.

wet behind the ears - Examples:

1)  They'd arrived in 2009 as a band wet behind the ears but armed with songs fit to headline festivals.

2)  You'll actually still be as wet behind the ears as any first time tourist would. 

3)  This first month of work has taken me from wet behind the ears to crawling and starting to walk.

4)  I guess all these new players are still a little wet behind the ears, are they?

5)  I hoped that perhaps Newman being still innocent and wet behind the ears could exert his boyish charm.

6)  Retreat to the autumn of 1995 when he was the youngster wet behind the ears sent out on loan by West Ham to soak up sense from wiser old heads.

7)  Americans reject the notion of a wet behind the ears fancy talker with the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

8)  You are 16 and wet behind the ears.

9)  The director, Clive Maltby, is no wet behind the ears graduate from a politics course with no real media training.

10)  It's not stuffed full of snot-nose career politicians who are wet behind the ears and looking to climb the greasy pole while they kowtow to special interests.

11)  Cameron is wet behind the ears in so many ways and so the gaffes continue.

12)  A person still wet behind the ears, straight out of university or college, with no experience will have to rely on good grades.

13)  Edge was a fantastic learning experience, especially for an artist still wet behind the ears

14)  Hanson is not exactly wet behind the ears when it comes to an American experience. The Swede played extensively here this year.

15)  Saturday overtime! Okay, my boss is a little immature, wet behind the ears, running on inherited/family money! So what!

16)  I'm wet behind the ears because I don't look old enough.

17)  You are still a wet behind the ears juvenile puppy who knows nothing except the talking points you get from from alarmist blogs.

18)  It would have come across as him being a neophyte and wet behind the ears.

19)  You are wet behind the ears and have very little experience in living the past.

20)  Coming in, I was a little wet behind the ears, but now I'm getting used to it. It takes time.