whole hog

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - whole hog

"whole hog"

as completely as possible


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - whole hog

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: The new tracking system in the warehouse is amazing. All items can be tracked remotely, even to the point of delivery to the customer.

Colleague 2: Sure. The company went whole hog on the new system, with a state-of the-art automated warehouse system including RFID tracking.

Colleague 1: It's very modern and it will increase efficiency tremendously.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - whole hog

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: You are just going the whole hog on your new diet and exercise regimen, aren't you?

Friend 2: Why not? The more I change to a healthier diet the more energy I feel. The more energy I feel, the more I want to exercise. I love getting up two hours before work every morning and going for a run and then coming home and preparing a deluxe Vegan breakfast.

Friend 1: This new regimen seems to be taking over your life. You don't even come out and party with your friends anymore.

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whole hog - Usage:


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whole hog - Gerund Form:

Going whole hog on the party, they spared no expense.

whole hog - Examples:

1)  Paris goes the whole hog with their animal products, so you'll find every kind of meat and every ...

2)  ... translate the power of public speaking into value for your freelancing business without going whole hog and becoming a professional speaker?

3)  ... just to ease me into it. Wish I'd gone the whole hog now. I love it.

4)  government has moved some way toward that, but it has not gone the whole hog. It has not gone to the same level of decisions that we suggest ...

5)  You can buy second hand instruments and sports equipment -- or go whole hog. How much is too much?

6)  Now I decided to go the whole hog and use the. Net Framework cleanup tool to remove all. 

7)  ... the year skeptical, is it time to abandon our skepticism and jump in whole hog

8)  just as healthy as you can be. Which is why we are diving whole hog into what keeps Americans living longer... and tasting better.

9)  But I regret endorsing your post whole hog, ...

10)  People get lumped into one group or another when they might not technically be whole hog for the ideals of that party.

11)  ... studied economics and helped raise money for a hedge fund before going whole hog into politics. 

12)  ... going to imagine oneself free of belief, one may as well go the whole hog and not get stuck on mere technicalities, discarding the entirety of consensus reality, ...

13)  If swords are banned to prevent crimes, why not go the whole hog and ban kitchen knives?

14)  Luckily I'm on the cheap side, which should protect me from going whole hog on the audiophile addiction.

15)  feel like turning traditional dials. When I want digital, I'll go whole hog with a soft-dialed, fully-modern device like an ...

16)  Then again it would be interesting to see a modern country go whole hog and try the 'service guarantees citizenship' approach.

17)  ... group to 'break links' with anachronisms. We could also go the whole hog and re-boot the world to a 1700's map.

18)  I recently had to replace my Epson and went the whole hog and got a Canon MG 6250.

19)  Encouraged by this, he decided to go the whole hog and say nothing at all about anything.

20)  Or just go the whole hog and turn your entire house into a farm.