to win by a whisker

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - win by a whisker

"to win by a whisker"

to win by the slightest amount;

to barely succeed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - win by a whisker

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Well, did we win the bid for the new advertising contract?

Colleague 2:  Just barely. I think because we added the extra billboards that we just won over our competitor.

Colleague 1Winning by a whisker is still winning.  That's great news!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - win by a whisker

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I heard you bet on a horse race. Did you win?

Friend 2:  My horse was running in second place until the last one hundred meters. I didn't think my horse would win. Then at the very last opportunity, my horse burst ahead and just won the race by a whisker.

Friend 1:  Congratulations.

to win by a whisker - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12   click for frequency by country

to win by a whisker - Gerund Form:

Winning by a whisker leaves no margin for error.

to win by a whisker - Examples:

1)  Oreo, the Siberian husky from South Penrith, has tipped the Liberal Party's Stuart Ayres to win by a whisker on Saturday and hold on to his seat in ...

2)  As a cold remedy, hot liquids win by a whisker.

3)  With polls showing the Iowa caucus win by a whisker, super PACs for Ted Cruz want to see him in a one-on-one debate with Donald Trump and ...

4)  The JV game finishes; we win by a whisker in a tense, hold your breath kind of ending.

5)  It was a close battle but LiquidPlanner takes the win by a whisker.

6)  ... US presidential race heats up, odds are on Clinton to face Cruz and win by a whisker.

7)  At the flag only one-tenth of a second covered the top four with Yamaha's Glenn Allerton taking the win by a whisker from teammate Wayne ...

8)  Unless of course a category were to be created for Best Sales Ploy in which case this Duc would win by a whisker just ahead of all Indian's efforts.

9)  And he didn't win by a whisker, he won by like four or five lengths.

10)  Most of the time, matches between Real Betis and Villareal ended with a win by a whisker.

11)  The United States won by a whisker, with 29 per cent of respondents saying the world's largest economy would be their first choice.

12)  ... certainly declared victory, though you would not know from her election night speech whether she crushed her opponents or won by a whisker.

13)  At $63,824, public schools won by a whisker against private schools at $63,634.

14)  I hate to say it but … this one won by a whisker. It is a dry wine with a velvet-like texture that makes it easy to drink on its own.

15)  Bloodborne may have only won by a whisker but it still won, beating out two much better known, multi-format games.

16)  I won by a whisker. That was so close!" Michael said.

17)  ... 4 side-by-side with a fellow championship challenger on the last lap and then winning by a whisker after a little “quintessential NASCAR” racing.

18)  ... in Turn Three, but Horn overtook the top spot by the next corner and held on to the checkered flag, winning by a whisker and just 0.168-second.

19)  The 1A-5A Girls meet went all the way to the wall with the Saints winning by a whisker clip 188-187 over UMS-Wright.

20)  ... side-by-side the whole way and as usual, it came down to a sprint for the finish with Rippey winning by a whisker.