to win hands down

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Idiom Definition - win hands down

"to win hands down"

to win easily


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - win hands down

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Of the three candidates up for promotion, who do you think has the best chance of winning?

Colleague 2: Charles will win hands down. He is the best qualified. He has seniority and he has a great rapport with the team.

Colleague 1: So the competition for the promotion is just a formality?

Colleague 2: There is no doubt that Charles will get the promotion.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - win hands down

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Well, we've tried all the local pizzerias. Which one has the best pizza?

Friend 2: Jack's Pizza wins hands down. The crust is thin and crispy with a lovely flavor. The toppings are generous and the service is fast.

Friend 1: I agree. The other pizza places don't even come close to the quality of Jack's.

to win hands down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   779   click for frequency by country

to win hands down - Gerund Form:

Winning the race hands down, he finished a full minute before any of the other competitors.

to win hands down - Examples:

1)  Payoneer is awesome. They win anytime over Paypal hands down. I mean their service, very quick and helpful customer support and the

2)  Nothing more would change as Mulholland would win the heat hands down, Demchuck would come in second.

3)  We are going to win the EPL hands down this year. Formation is irrelevant when players have such technique and intelligence.

4)  If there were ever a competition for soulless and miserable staff, they would win it hands down.

5)  He predicted the party would win the impending elections hands down to shame their enemies and critics.

6)  In mass-scale, direct response fundraising telling stories emotionally winshands down.

7)  ... if you want to assess which language is the most influential, English winshands down.

8)  ... but when it came down to functioning well and quality of hardware the iPhone wins hands down.

9)  If you are looking for a tech job, California wins here hands down.

10)  At nearly 100g lighter and a shade slimmer, it wins this round hands down.

11)  In most countries, driving wins over cycling hands down when it comes to subjective safety

12)  silicone ends up with a 0.3 out of a total 1. Metal winshands down. Overall silicone wins -- for me that is.

13)  ... there's simply no competition: science, or more broadly, inter-subjective empiricism wins hands down.

14)  For artistic points, the first one wins hands down; for technical points, the second definitely takes the cake.

15)  ... although I still think the interface of Microsoft Office 2010 wins hands down -- it's just beautiful.

16)  And the weather not warming. Skeptics should have a won this battle hands down but the Activists are still in denial. 

17)  ... to pick the solution we sell to our customers and BizGuardian won the evaluation -- hands down! Our client base is relying on us to provide them security, flexible ...

18)  I think you won that debate hands down.

19)  He won the challenge hands down although the delegates gave him a stiff competition.

20)  They thought Bruce won the debate hands down. He showed himself in control, answered the questions on point, spoke ...