to wing it

Idiom Definition

"to wing it"

to do or say something without having prepared;

to improvise

Idiom Definition - to wing it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to wing it

Two executives are talking one Monday morning ...

Executive 1: Have you remembered the staff meeting this morning?

Executive 2:  Actually, I had forgotten.

Executive 1:  You're presenting the new purchasing guidelines.  Are you prepared?

Executive 2:  No, but I think I know the new guidelines well enough that I can just wing it.

Executive 1:  Good luck!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to wing it

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Where are you off to this morning?

Husband:  I thought I'd go over to that specialty shop and pick up some bread flour.

Wife:  Do you remember how to get there?

Husband:  More or less. I have a general idea. I can wing it.

to wing it - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   785   click for frequency by country

to wing it - Gerund Form:

Winging your presentation to the regional directors might not be such a good idea.

to wing it - Examples:

1)  Even when minimally prepared, men believe they can wing it and get through successfully.

2)  When trying a new recipe, the last thing you want to do is  wing it.

3)  You really should ask for direction before trying to wing it on your own.

4)  You can also just wing it, this recipe is just a guideline, not an absolute.

5)  I didn't really think about it. I figure we could just wing it.

6)  Whatever you do, don't wing it! " There's nothing worse than meeting an important contact or job interviewer if you are unprepared.

7)  Sometimes I make great plans for a unit of study. Sometimes I wing it.

8)  Colin Powell thinks Obama should appoint judges to the Supreme Court who wing it when it comes to the constitution.

9)  I wouldn't recommend that anyone visit and wing it on their trip.

10)  Sure, you can wing it, but you are discovered as the charlatan you are before too long.

11)  I pretty much start with a general idea and sort of wing it.

12)  Planning is key. You can't just walk into your classroom and wing it for the day.

13)  I think that a lot of people try to wing it and will generally make a mess and not accomplish much.

14)  It means you can't wing it and expect to make the impression you want to make.

15)  Somehow I memorized all my lines, not exactly written but enough that I could wing it if I had to.

16)  I was going to wing it and do my own thing, but thought best to find a proven recipe.

17)  You may be tempted to just wing it and hope for the best. This would be a mistake.

18)  But none of them cover something like this. You have to just wing it.

19)  Plan for the meeting. Never wing it

20)  Do you work with a content plan, or do you just wing it week by week?