to work your fingers to the bone

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - work your fingers to the bone

"to work your fingers to the bone"

to work very hard, especially for a long period of time


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - work your fingers to the bone

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  There's Leanne staying late again working on her presentation.

Colleague 2:  What's that? Three nights this week already?

Colleague 1:  And she's been doing that for a month now.

Colleague 2:  I guess she feels that the presentation is important enough to work her fingers to the bone for.

Colleague 1:  If it lands her a huge account, it will be worth all the effort and toil.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - work your fingers to the bone

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Thanks for asking me to your grandfather's retirement party. It sure is a nice home they have here. They have a swimming pool and everything. Does your family have money?

Friend 2:  My grandfather emigrated to this country as a young adult. He arrived with four dollars in his pocket and has worked his fingers to the bone for fifty years to achieve what he has. Sometimes he worked three different jobs at the same time. He even put himself through university.

Friend 1:  I guess hard work and perseverance pay off.

to work your fingers to the bone - Usage:


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to work your fingers to the bone - Gerund Form:

Working his fingers to the bone for minimum wage, he worked for five years to save enough money to buy a car.

to work your fingers to the bone - Examples:

1)  I have because my immigrant grandparents worked their fingers to the bone to earn it, with the hope of giving their children better lives.

2)  ... about the economy. Millions of hard working Americans that worked their fingers to the bone for their employers and that did everything "right" are sitting at home on ...

3)  ... she didn't remember the grandfathers who'd worked their fingers to the bone so she could have the best of everything.

4)  Those old and infirm worked their fingers to the bone and broke their backs to have what they could get, accumulate what they could ...

5)  ... with no help within 2 miles of walking, and worked their fingers to the bone sewing, cleaning, and cooking each day.

6)  ... first year of operation, you can expect to be working your fingers to the bone

7)  All you wonderful people, working your fingers to the bone on these sensational restorations. Please accept my heartfelt thanks, I am absolutely ...

8)  ... you in a higher earnings bracket? If you are working your fingers to the bone for close to minimum wage, going back to school can help you realize your ...

9)  You can work your fingers to the bone and achieve status in your job, but you can still be without lots of ...

10)  Work your fingers to the bone when writing your preface and make the most of it. This anthology represents YOU.

11)  ... themselves to believe it was their lot in live to work their fingers to the bone, living in abject poverty, providing most of their produce for the elite so ...

12)  I see members volunteer their time and sometimes work their fingers to the bone for the purpose of bringing souls (yes, even their own) to Christ.

13)  ... that 70 year old manual laborers are strong enough to work their fingers to the bone so that bankers can enjoy their yacht. 

14)  A loyal army of wage-slaves working their fingers to the bone to earn a trivial wage... trapped... with no hope.

15)  This, despite the police working their fingers to the bone and wracking their brains to pursue these cases from "every angle".

16)  ... harder for less and less, barely scraping by while working their fingers to the bone, watching any hope of the American Dream fade before their eyes.

17)  ... no money, quite literally, and to penny-pinch while working his fingers to the bone to escape the poverty trap of his youth. 

18)  ... so poor, but wearied from morning to night, working his fingers to the bone, bringing himself to the grave with anxiety; ...

19)  Working our fingers to the bone without giving ourselves some time to enjoy the finer things in life is bound to ...

20)  ... you can bet that we're working our fingers to the bone in order to bring your server back into working condition.