to worm your way in to

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - worm your way in

"to worm your way in to"

to gradually achieve something (a position of trust), often by being dishonest


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - worm your way in

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I heard you had quite an experience with a stalker recently.

Friend 2:  It has been quite a frightening experience.

Friend 1:  How did your stalker get so involved with your life?

Friend 2:  At first, it seemed perfect and romantic.  The stalker had searched all the social media and found out all sorts of personal information about me.  At first, it seemed that we would meet by happenstance.  First, he arrived at my cooking class and then after a few days at the same restaurant that I like to eat at.  We started talking and we had so much in common.

Friend 1:  But it wasn't the truth, right? He was just pretending to have the same interests to slowly enter your life?

Friend 2:  Yes.  He was just using the information he learned from social media to worm his way in to my life.

Friend 1:  That sounds frightening.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - worm your way in

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Ben is always ready to do anything for the boss, work overtime, fetch his dry cleaning, whatever.

Colleague 2:  Well, there is a new position opening up soon.

Colleague 1:  I suppose Ben is trying to worm his way in to the new position.

Colleague 2:  Well, the boss is starting to trust Ben more and more. But that still doesn't change the fact that Ben is simply not qualified for the position.

to worm your way in to - Usage:


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to worm your way in to - Gerund Form:

Worming her way in to a meeting that she would not usually attend, she was able to make an impression on the big boss.

to worm your way in to - Examples:

1)  ... years younger than her. Depending on who you ask, he may have wormed his way in when he found out she was a spiritualist and told her he ...

2)  ... but he was a charmer and really funny too and he wormed his way in. In fact, I think I trusted him more because ...

3)  ... kind of stuff that should naturally repel any kind of nostalgic attitude. But nostalgia worms its way in anyway.

4)  Stuxnet, the powerful malware that wormed its way in and hobbled Iran's uranium enrichment efforts, infiltrated the secure networks ...

5)  ... of false positive. If there is something truly sketchy afoot, chances are it wormed its way in through ad networks. It'll probably be cleaned up soon.

6)  ... unique code to your phone when you log into Twitter, thereby preventing hackers from worming their way in. It's important to use strong, unique passwords on ...

7)  ... fast-food chains come to dominate certain parts of the city, now foreign chains are worming their way in, competing with the American chains for real estate that might have ...

8) ... not been invited to the relief committee meeting and how people without grassroots support had wormed their way in, using connections.

9)  ... network security is expecting. Then you can gain access to passwords and credentials to worm your way in further, eventually finding whatever sensitive data you're looking for.

10)  It doesn't matter how unlikely something is, OCD will worm its way in and find the slimmest shred of evidence that it could happen, and then ...

11)  If there's a patch of open space, and humans around to provide food, coyotes will generally worm their way in — and that includes Central Park ...

12)  As the son of legal immigrants who followed all the rules to become part of this country, I bristle at the thought of those who worm their way in.

13)  And yet, time and again, political and economic interests worm their way in and influence decisions to the detriment of our most at risk plants ...

14)  My only advice is, don't become one of them. Don't open the door for fear to worm its way in and claim your address.

15)  But it appears that some scammers managed to worm their way in. Several cyber security firms discovered the malicious XcodeGhost program ...

16)  He's trying to worm his way in Jamal's Pepsi commercial by making it a Lyon legacy promo. 

17)  She's an equal opportunity horn-dog… and really just doing it to worm her way in as a SC&P regular.

18)  Russell T Davies has proved once again that he can create a world of deeply flawed characters that worm their way in to your affection and ...

19)  ... have argued that this is an absurd interpretation of the law, an overreach meant to assist unions grasping for ways to worm their way in.

20)  First, let's say that indeed Teso found a way to worm his way in from communications systems into taking over flight controls.