(to be) yellow-bellied

Idiom Definition

"to be yellow-bellied"

to be a coward;

to not be brave

Idiom Definition - to be yellow-bellied


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be yellow-bellied

Jean and Sylvia are homosexual lovers. They have been together for more than ten years. They have never displayed affection in public. They have never told anyone about their sexualities because they are afraid of the reactions of their friends, families and coworkers. You could say that they are...


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be yellow-bellied

Kim and Stacey are bicycling around their neighborhood when they discover a group of their friends. The friends have erected a bicycle jump. The jump is about one half a meter tall. Kim and Stacey stop to watch some of the boys pedaling their bicycles very fast and flying ten meters through the air after taking the jump. One of the boys asks Kim to try the jump. Kim refuses. The boy taunts Kim...

"What's the matter?  Are you yellow-bellied?"

to be yellow-bellied - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   119   click for frequency by country

to be yellow-bellied - Gerund Form:

Being yellow-bellied means you run away or avoid frightening situations.

to be yellow-bellied - Examples:

1)  Just goes to show that Bob Brown is a yellow bellied coward who was too scared to face the wrath of the Australian people.

2)  Bunch of disgraceful fools.. yellow bellied.

3)  It will take two years to make up for all the lies, weakness and yellow bellied, power seeking attributes the public give him. 

4)  Nothing will be done regarding this matter for as long as our yellow bellied Politicians decide to sit on the fence and refuse to take decisive action.

5)  A mandatory referendum could save our hides by providing bartering leverage with this yellow bellied government. 

6)  The most desperate, most fickle, most yellow bellied of the lot is lining up to lick your boots because they need campaign financing.

7)  The good Council people actually laugh about these yellow bellied halfwits and grovellers and respect those who level with them.

8)  Karl Rove is a draft dodging yellow bellied coward who wouldn't serve if bombs were falling on Washington, D.C.

9)  Like a yellow bellied, yellow livered coward.

10) We can only hope-as it appears the yellow bellied, spineless men that we have in congress are too afraid to do anything. 

11)  I'm afraid our leaders are so yellow bellied the Islamists are winning.

12) His power IS an illusion and his body language screams yellow-bellied bully boy. 

13) That is why Richard Rochford is the worst kind of yellow-bellied coward. 

14)  The yellow-bellied world has listened carefully to what Mitt Romney has to say about Iran.

15)  And STILL your average yellow-bellied job-seeker will sign whatever is given to them.

16)  As for the Moderators, you have really proved yourselves to be weak, yellow-bellied, excuses for human beings, haven't you?

17)  We are a nation of yellow-bellied cowards, capable only of picking on the weak and marginalized.

18)  Tannen, leader of the rascally Tannen gang, is gunning for Doc and the yellow-bellied coward won't hesitate to shoot him in the back.

19)  Most of the professors and these universities are yellow-bellied cowards and sick.

20)  And still you wriggle away like the yellow-bellied, lily-livered coward that you are. All talk and no action.