to zip your lip

Idiom Definition

"to zip your lip"

to stop talking

Idiom Definition - to zip your lip


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to zip your lip

Pamela and her husband Henry are sitting in their kitchen one morning discussing what they will buy their son, Aaron, for his upcoming birthday. Of course, they want the birthday gift to be a surprise. During the discussion, Pamela sees Aaron trying to sneak up as quiet as a cat. Aaron wants to overhear his parents conversation and discover what his present will be but Pamela tells Henry to...

"Zip it!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to zip your lip

Several boys and girls are busy talking and joking in their school library. The librarian approaches the children and tells them that they are in a library and that they must be quiet so that they do not disturb the other students. The boys and girls continue to talk rather loudly. Finally, the librarian tells the boys and girls to...

zip their lips.

to zip your lip - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   20   click for frequency by country

to zip your lip - Gerund Form:

Zipping your lip can be difficult for a person who likes to talk a lot.

to zip your lip - Examples:

1)  It's hard to zip your lip in a room full of friends.

2)  The hardest thing in the world is to give the opponent the last word. Zip your lip and keep it closed.

3) We are talking about what women want so zip your lip and keep reading. 

4) Anyone who disagrees should zip their lip

5)  I hear that some people can just move around and zip their lip and mind their own business and live there unaffected.

6)  They fear justice could undermine their little investments and property rights, so they zip their lip.

7)  In the event, I think President Obama should have zipped his lip. Period. Just said nothing, talked about the weather.

8)  Calling Obama's comment " ugly " is simply ridiculous. " should have zipped his lip "? How would you feel if someone said that to you?

9)  I have seen this and I have zipped my lip because I, too, am afraid in public to raise a hand.

10)  Taking the rap alone while zipping his lip about those who printed his stories may not go unrewarded.

11)  I zip my lip when I wish to stop talking.

12)  Does she zip her lip if she does not want to betray a trust?

13)  We do not zip our lips when the referee makes a bad call.

14)  He does not zip his lip when he wants to keep a secret.

15)  You have zipped your lip many times in the past.

16)  She zipped her lip in the library yesterday.

17)  They have been zipping their lips since we entered the library.

18)  I am going to zip my lip at Tuesday's meeting.

19)  Is he going to be zipping his lip during the entire meeting?

20)  I am going to have been zipping my lip for the entire meeting until the boss forces me to speak.