General Idioms & Phrasal Verbs

(Idioms that do not fit any other category)
(I'll) tell you what
a big deal
a cold day in hell
a drop in the bucket
a fair shake
a fine state of affairs
a hang-up
a let down
a loose end
a mixed bag
a pipe dream
a put-down
a sad state of affairs
a sore point
a sore spot
a sorry state of affairs
a tall tale
a wide berth
a word to the wise
a rip-off
ace in the hole
add insult to injury
add up
after a fashion
after all
ahead of the game
alive with
all for
all in all
all joking aside
all kidding aside
all or none
all or nothing
all over
all over bar the shouting
all over but the shouting
all right
all the marbles
all over the place
along for the ride
along the lines of
and something to spare
and then some
as a matter of fact
ask for trouble
asleep at the switch
at a loose end
at a loss
at a pinch
at a standstill
at best
at fault
at first blush
at first glance
at first sight
at least
at loose ends
at random
at the end of your rope
at the least
at the very least
at a loss for words
back at square one
back into the swing of things
back to the drawing board
back-up plan
bad times
bawl out
be seeing you
beauty rest
beauty sleep
beg to differ
bend the rules
beside the mark
beside the point
beside the question
best of both worlds
beyond your depth
bits and bobs
box in
brand spanking new
break in
break the news
bring it on
bring off
bring someone down a notch
bring someone down a peg
bring up
bring up short
brush up on
buck up
burn the midnight oil
burning question
buy off
by degrees
by hook or by crook
by the way
call a spade a spade
call it even
call it quits
came out wrong
can tell
can't begin to
can't even begin to
can't tell you
carry the can
carry your own weight
castles in the air
catch someone on the hop
catch up with someone
chill out
clean out
clean up
clean up loose ends
clear up loose ends
close call
close shave
come again
come around to
come back
come by something
come by something honestly
come clean
come from
come full circle
come home to roost
come in
come on
come out
come round to
come short
come to a bad end
come to a grinding halt
come to an end
come to grips with
come to life
come to terms with
come to your senses
come up
come up in the world
come up short
come up with
come your way
comes to light
comes with the territory
compare notes
cook up
cool off
count on
cover for someone
cover your tracks
crack down
crack someone up
crack up
cracked up to be
cramp someone's style
crank up
crux of the matter
crystal clear
cut a long story short
cut corners
cut it out
cut someone some slack
cut to the chase
deal with
down cold
down in the dumps
down pat
down to the wire
draw a blank
draw away
draw the line
drive into the ground
drown your sorrows
dwell on
ease off
ease up
easier said than done
easy come, easy go
enough is enough
err on the side of caution
fair and square
fair enough
fair to middling
fall down
fall short
far cry from
fat chance
feel out of sorts
feel the pinch
figure out
fill in for someone
fill someone in
fill the bill
find out
fine and dandy
fine line
fine tooth comb
fine toothed comb
finish up
first crack at
fit the bill
fits and starts
flash in the pan
flavor of the month
flavour of the month
follow in someone's footsteps
fool's paradise
for crying out loud
for good measure
for goodness' sake
for heaven's sake
for keeps
for that matter
force to be reckoned with
fork over
forty winks
freak someone out
from scratch
full speed ahead
full steam ahead
gain ground
game changer
get (a)hold of
get a bang out of
get a buzz out of
get a charge out of
get a handle on
get a move on
get a word in edgeways
get a word in edgewise
get around to
get away
get away with something
get back at
get back to
get clear of
get cracking
get down to
get in the way
get in touch
get into
get it
get nowhere
get on it
get on with it
get out
get out of
get over
get someone into something
get someone out of something
get straight to the point
get the lead out
get the message
get the picture
get the short end of the stick
get through
get to the bottom of something
get in
give any thought to
give it a rest
give no quarter
give off
give someone a buzz
give someone a ring
give someone away
give someone heck
give someone hell
give someone the rundown
give the game away
go a long way in
go a long way toward(s)
go after
go against the grain
go all out
go around in circles
go away
go easy
go easy on
go flat out
go fly a kite
go for it
go it alone
go missing
go off
go off at a tangent
go off half cocked
go off on a tangent
go on
go out on the razzle
go out on the town
go over big
go pear-shaped
go places
go the extra mile
go through
go through the motions
go to far
go to great lengths
go to pieces
go to pot
go to town
go up in smoke
go up in the world
go with
go over
going on
good enough for
grind to a halt
grind to a standstill
hang in there
hang on
hang out to dry
hang out with
hard act to follow
hard pressed to
hard put to
hard time
hard to miss
haul someone over the coals
have a buzz on
have a field day
have a good thinig going
have a handle on
have a point
have a quiet word with
have a way with
have a word with
have an affair
have an edge
have come a long way
have it made
have no clue
have someone's word
have something to spare
have to lump it
have words
hell bent
here we go
high points
high and low
hightail it
hit and miss
hit it big
hit or miss
hit the sack
hit the spot
hold at bay
hold up
hold with something
hooked on
hop to it
hopping mad
hot off the press
hunker down
I told you so
if all else fails
in a bind
in a fix
in a jam
in a pinch
in a world of your own
in and of itself
in and out
in front of
in full swing
in high gear
in light of
in short supply
in stitches
in the bag
in the dark
in the distance
in the doldrums
in the end
in the loop
in the mainstream
in the short run
in tow
in your element
in your own little world
ins and outs
irons in the fire
it hit me
it wouldn't hurt to
It's on me
Join the Club!
jumping off point
just for once
just in case
just like that
keep at bay
keep in touch
keep someone in the dark
keep someone posted
keep up
kept in the dark
keyed up
kick up a (big) stink
kind of
knock into shape
knock it off
knock someone down a notch
knock someone down a peg
know what's what
last but not least
laugh it off
lay low
leap to conclusions
least of all
leave alone
leave behind
leave high and dry
leave in the lurch
leave out
leave well enough alone
let alone
let go
let someone down
let up
let well enough alone
let's go
lick into shape
lie low
light a fire under
like crazy
like gangbusters
like it or lump it
like mad
line up
live up to
lock, stock and barrel
look after
Look alive!
look for trouble
look forward to
look into
look out for number one
look over
loose ends
low on the totem pole
maintain a low profile
make a (big) stink
make a dent in
make a go of
make a hash out of
make a long story short
make a mess of
make a pit stop
make a point of
make do
make free with
make it snappy
make it worth your while
make or break
make something count
make up for
measure up
miss the point
more than you can shake a stick at
more's the pity
most of all
move up in the world
muck about with
muck with
muck around with
mum's the word
needle in a haystack
never had it so good
no end of
no great shakes
no way
nod off
not by a long chalk
not by a long shot
not cracked up to be
not half bad
not have a clue
not know if/whether you are coming or going
not so much
nothing to write home about
odds and ends
odds and sods
off limits
off the hook
off to a flying start
oh dear
Oh, man
on a roll
on hold
on it
on pins and needles
on purpose
on standby
on the blink
on the bright side
on the case
on the fritz
on the lines of
on the lookout
on the right track
on the safe side
on the same page
on the spot
on the verge of
on the whole
on to something
on top of
on top of that
on track
on your own
one fell swoop
open up
out and about
out in the open
out of action
out of circulation
out of control
out of line
out of shape
out of the question
out of your depth
out of your element
paint the town
part company
past your/its prime
peter out
pick on
pick out
pick somone up
play catch-up
play it safe
play on words
playing with fire
plough into
plow into
plug away
polish off
pop off
pull off
pull rank
pull strings
pull together
pull something together
put down
put off
put off by
put on ice
put one over on
put the squeeze on
put up with
quick off the mark
quick on the uptake
raise a (big) stink
rake someone over the coals
rank and file
read between the lines
read into
read the riot act
read the writing on the wall
reality check
resign yourself to
rhyme or reason
rip into
rip out
rip off
rough and tumble
rub the wrong way
rule out
run circles around
run into the ground
run its course
run rings around
run rings round
rush to conclusions
same here
scared out of your wits
scope out
scrape the surface
scratch the surface
screw you
security blanket
see someone home
see the light
see the light at the end of the tunnel
see the light of day
seeing is believing
seems to me
send for a loop
set back
set someone straight
settle for
show someone the ropes
show up
sit tight
sit up with someone
sitting on top of the world
sitting pretty
sixth sense
skip out
sleep like a top
sleep on it
slim pickings
slip up
slow burn
snap to it
so be it
so far
so much for
sort of
sound off
sound out someone
sounds as if
sounds like
speak the same language
spot on
spur of the moment
square away
stand behind
stand by
stand corrected
start afresh
start over
state of affairs
steal the spotlight
steaming mad
steer clear of
step into
stick by
stick with it
stop short of
stretch the rules
stretch the truth
string someone along
stuck with
such as it is
sweat blood
sweep under the rug
swing into action
take a break
take a breather
take a crap
take a dump
take a leak
take a pee
take a whiz
take back
take care
take care of
take down
take in
take it
take it easy
take kindly to
take liberties with
take someone down
take someone down a notch
take someone down a peg
take someone under your wing
take someone up on something
take through
take lightly
talk sense into
talk to me
teach someone the ropes
tear into
that depends
that makes two of us
that's all there is to it
that's it
That's on us
that's right
the big picture
the coast is clear
the long and short of it
the long and the short of it
the thing is
the tipping point
the weight of the world
the whole ball of wax
the whole nine yards
the whole shebang
the whole shooting match
thin line
think ahead
think highly of
think out of the box
think the world of
throw a party
throw for a loop
throw in
throw in with
thus far
tick off (things)
tickle someone's fancy
tide someone over
tie up loose ends
to be into
to be left in the dark
to be on the ropes
to be rusty
to come on
to hurl
to rule
to suck
to the hilt
to the letter
token gesture
top of the line
touch up
tough act to follow
tough times
track down
trip up
turn around and leave
turn off
turn to your advantage
turn up
turn in
turning point
up and running
up in the air
up to
up to scratch
up to somebody
up to speed
up to the mark
ups and downs
vicious circle
vicious cycle
wake up
wake-up call
walk into
walk right into
wander off
wash off
washed up
water over the dam
water under the bridge
wave of the future
ways and means of
wear and tear
wear out your welcome
welcome to the club
well begun is half done
wet blanket
what about
What are you waiting for? Christmas?
what do you say
What gives?
what say
what's done is done
What's up?
What's your point?
when the dust settles
whet your appetite
whip into shape
whistle in the dark
wide of the mark
will have to do
will never fly
win by a hair
win by a whisker
wind up
wipe the slate clean
with a bang
with bated breath
with me
with something to spare
without any strings attached
without fail
word for word
work like a charm
work someone into the ground
work your way up
wrap up loose ends
You can say that again!
you have got to be kidding
you must be kidding
You said it!
You're telling me!