Today's Idiom

Today's Idiom


December 10, 2018

"to lick into shape"

Idiom Definition - TITLEHERE

to use vigorous action to bring someone or something into a proper specified state or better condition

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What is an idiom?

An idiom may be defined as a group of words whose meaning cannot be understood from a literal interpretation of the group of words.


Consider this question: "What color is the sky on a clear day?" (Answer: Blue.)

Idiomatic English:  Answering the question is a piece of cake.

Simple English: Answering the question is easy.


Consider this question: "What is the circumference of the earth in kilometers?" (Answer: 40,075 km.)

Idiomatic English:  Answering the question is over my head.

Simple English: Answering the question is too difficult for me.

Why are idioms important?

  English is an idiomatic language.

  There are more than 25,000 idioms in the English language.

  Native speakers of English use and understand idioms naturally and automatically.

  Students of English need to become adept with using and understanding idioms to be considered fluent in English.

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